Sanjay Suri signs film with 'Sex and the City' star

Sangeeta AhirHer production debut VAAH! LIFE HO TO AISI did not confirm to box-office expectations despite the presence of big names like Sanjay Dutt and Shahid Kapur but that hasn't disillusioned producer Sangeeta Ahir. Ahir who recently announced her plans to produce BIG BAZAAR with Mahesh Manjrekar as director, is all set to start another ambitious venture this time with Ravi Chopra as director. She is said to have had several meetings with the scrupulous director before she managed to convince him to direct a film for her banner. 'It is true that I have held discussions with Mr Ravi Chopra to direct a film for my banner. It is the first time he will be directing a film for an outside banner. It will be in the family genre that Ravi-ji has come to be known for, after his hugely successful, BAGHBAAN,' Ahir reveals

Download Baghban WallpapersAccording to her, she was keen on meeting Ravi Chopra and requesting him to direct a film for her banner from the day she saw the film. 'I was very impressed with the film and the sensitive manner in which he had handled the subject of aging parents. I was also aware of the fact that he is a perfectionist to the core, who pays attention to every aspect of filmmaking. I was thrilled when he accepted my request and agreed to direct a film for my banner,' she recalls.

Chopra on the other hand is keeping a low profile on the whole development. 'It is true that we have had discussions about me directing a film for Mrs Ahir's banner but it is too premature to talk about it yet. I have just started scripting for the film and the film will be subject to the way the script develops in due course. Currently I am too preoccupied with the completion of my BABUL to think of anything else.'

Vaah! Life Ho To AisiMeanwhile, Ahir has also started work on her next venture BIG BAZAAR, to be directed by Mahesh Manjrekar. The film is based on the life of mill workers in Mumbai who lost their jobs due to the commercialization of mills that were sold to make malls and restaurants at one point of time. She is thoroughly convinced that Manjrekar is the ideal person to direct the film, notwithstanding the poor response to VAAH! LIFE HO TO AISI. 'I am not really disillusioned with the response to the film. As for Mahesh, he made a neat and clean film on the lines of what we had planned. The fate of the film at the box-office does not reflect on his potential as a director at all. Besides he has lived and experienced life on various levels and no one else other than Mahesh could be better suited to direct such a film. His VAASTAV with Sanjay Dutt also had the backdrop of a middle-class family living in a chawl in Mumbai,' she says.