Santoshi's LONDON DREAMS has a double triangle!

A lot has been written about Rajkumar Santoshi's LONDON DREAMS having been shelved and about Ajay Devgan having been replaced by Sohail Khan. A few fertile minds also talked about Salman Khan trying to get Priyanka Chopra out and his friend Katrina Kaif in!

Forced by the above stories we decided bring you the exact situation and a few extra surprises. The movie is very much on, but there is no definite date about the commencement of its shooting. As of today, Ajay Devgan is officially a part of the project though a few of his dates have to be adjusted.

While on the leading ladies, there are not one, two but four! Yes, apart from Priyanka and Lara, there is Rani and Urmila. And now the most interesting aspect; it seems like LONDON DREAMS has a humorous double triangle! And that information is straight from Salman Khan.