SARBJIT scene cut: Omung Kumar contradicts Richa Chadha's statement

SARBJIT scene cut: Omung Kumar contradicts Richa Chadha's statement news
Shaheen Irani By Shaheen Irani | 25 May 2016 19:04:05.2830000 IST
It has already been a week since SARBJIT released, but the news regarding the movie refuses to die down.


While Randeep Hooda took away all the appreciation, Aishwarya’s character wasn’t much appreciated and unfortunately Richa Chadha got sidelined because of her small role.

In an exclusive interview, when Richa was asked if she was keen to do SARBJIT in spite of knowing that Aishwarya and Randeep would have major roles, the actress replied, “I knew the story revolved around the brother and sister but obviously I couldn’t play the role of his sister because they needed someone much older for that.
Like Omung said, they required a mature actor who looked like 25 and could also go to the age of 50-60. Obviously you need a big star for that kind of budget. I’m very happy with the role I did.”

“Lot of it got edited at the editing table. It got chopped off because we had a very long film on our hand. Most of my dialogue part got cut with expressing through the eyes and emoting through boy language. At the cost of the film, you can’t hope all your scenes are there,” added the actress.

However, Omung Kumar recently released a statement that was contradicting what Richa revealed. He said, "It is completely untrue about us cutting her role. It is a bound script, the scenes were exactly the same before starting the film and I had narrated Richa the same. So no scenes were cut of hers in the film."

Do you see the contrast? What’s cooking here, Omung and Richa?