Sarwar Ahuja: I connect well with kids

SARWAR ARORA (Courtesy: Mid-Day)

Actor Sarwar Ahuja says he connects well with children and that is the reason behind his bond with child artiste Riva Arora.

'Mere Papa Hero Hiralal' tells the story of a father (Sarwar) fighting against all odds to save his adopted daughter's life. Riva is seen as his on-screen daughter Gungun.

"I always connect well with kids. With Riva, the magical bond developed almost instantaneously. She is an adorable kid, and we had a wonderful time shooting together on the sets," Sarwar said in a statement.

"I am delighted that the relationship between the two has grown to such an extent that she calls me ‘Papa' off-screen as well. It is an honour. I cherish getting so much love and affection from young Riva," he added.

Produced by Viniyard Films, "Mere Papa Hero Hiralal" is aired on Discovery JEET.