Satish Kaushik skips Diwali for ROAD, MOVIE Tokyo trip

img By Joginder Tuteja | 09 Oct 2009 12:46:06.4730000 IST

view ROAD MOVIE movie stills

view ROAD MOVIE movie stills

Despite the festive season of Diwali, Satish Kaushik is happily giving it all a miss to be in Tokyo for the Asian premier of his much acclaimed film ROAD, MOVIE. The screening for Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) would be held in Roppongi Hills on 21st October but Satish Kaushik would be leaving a little earlier.

"It's a huge honour for our film to have made it to the competition line up in TIFF. In fact ROAD, MOVIE is the only Indian film which is running in the competition category that has only about 15-18 films in the fray", informs Satish Kaushik who is happy collecting all the accolades coming his way ever since the film was first premiered at Toronto International Film Festival last month.


Directed by Dev Benegal (SPLIT WIDE OPEN and ENGLISH, AUGUST), the film is widely being described as 'India's Cinema Paradiso' by critics from the West. Even though the film is being sold as an Abhay Deol starrer, the man who is not being missed by a single critic is Satish Kaushik who is being pointed out for his terrific performance by one and all.

Incidentally, just like in his last international flick BRICK LANE (2007) where he got rave reviews for his performance, Satish Kaushik isn't seen as the funny man in ROAD MOVIE.

"Somehow in Bollywood I have always been offered comic roles. However, I am being looked at differently when it comes to movies being made in the West. I feel proud of the fact that I did something differently in BRICK LANE followed by ROAD, MOVIE and got so much of love, affection and respect from audiences and film makers there.", he says.

In the film, Satish Kaushik plays the role of a wanderer who seemingly knows everything about life. As a constant companion of Abhay Deol, he brings some of the most light hearted moments in the film while also making quite a few statements in an understated manner.

The film is expected to be released in theaters for public viewing in 2010.