Satish Kaushik: Tejas Padiaa's AA TE KEVI DUNNIYA is positive, bright and has a very scaling thought

Satish Kaushik: Tejas Padiaa's AA TE KEVI DUNNIYA is positive, bright and has a very scaling thought news
Rachana Sheth By Rachana Sheth | 22 Dec 2014 11:57:43.8930000 IST

Produced by Vijay Khatri under the banner of Bhagat Entertainment, Gujarati film AA TE KEVI DUNNIYA has already started creating buzz for its unusual idea. Now it has also caught the fancy of filmmaker Satish Kaushik, whom the director of the film Tejas Padiaa, has assisted in the past.


Satish Kaushik happened to see the trailer of AA TE KEVI DUNNIYA and was all praise for Padiaa’s work and creative thinking.

He said, “Tejas is very talented. When he had joined me, what I liked about him then was that he’s got good writing skills. Being a good writer, he can think in different ways. Now with his Gujarati film he has come up with really interesting and unique idea. AA TE KEVI DUNNIYA is the result of the caliber that I saw in him. The kind of person he is, the kind of thought process he carries, got well reflected in his first film. And it is remembered forever. I have always observed that those with a humble background possess a different spark and power. And Tejas has that quality. He is absolutely humble and the same is seen in his work too. He has made the film with utter dedication and I wish him all the luck. I am really proud of him.”

“With AA TE KEVI DUNNIYA, he has shown some special values. It’s an amusing concept, where currency is of least importance. Only good deeds matter. So, this is a very good thought and to make a film on this topic is an exceptional thing. I am sure it will make common man think about Karma and good conducts. Tejas has done a good job and brought in a novel concept. I am happy he didn’t choose a run-of-the-mill story. Picture this, if good deeds are the future currency, then where this world will go and where this nation will head. Indeed, AA TE KEVI DUNNIYA is positive, bright and has a very scaling thought. It’s his original idea and not copied or inspired from anywhere, which is quite a norm in Bollywood these days. Therefore, this film will definitely leave an indelible mark,” Satish added.

Interestingly, Satish also acted in Padiaa’s zero-budget film LO! HO GAI PARTY, which was first of its kind in India. “I think no filmmaker in India has ever attempted this. He tried to do something unique and came up with the possibility of making a zero-budgeted film that shows how passionately he gathered stuff and people. It only proved his passion towards filmmaking,” Satish said. 

While Tejas added, “I have learnt a lot from Satish ji. He is my true mentor. He always calls me up, helps and guides me. Even during my last film LO! HO GAI PARTY, which was made on zero-budget, he came all the way to Ghatkopar driving his own car.”

Produced by Vijay Khatri, AA TE KEVI DUNNIYA stars Raj Jatania, Yatin Parmar, Kinjal Pandya, Sunil Vishrani, Jayesh More, Krishna Rawal, RajKumar Kanojia, Falguni Desai, Padmesh Pandit and Sanat Vyas and is all set to release on 9th January, 2015.