Saumya Tandon has a motivational message on World Vitiligo Day!

Today is World Vitiligo day which is aimed at building awareness across the globe about the condition of Vitligo and how victims can get over the trauma and stigma that comes along with the disease.
In lay man’s terms Vitiligo can be best described as discolouration of the skin, Vitiligo destroys the melanin pigment cells. The melanin is responsible for providing the skin with its color. Due to the absence of melanin in certain places the skin develops white patches. The patches are more visible with people with dark skin. Vitiligo starts with smaller patches and eventually develops into large patches all over the body. There are no highlighted causes of the disease. The victims may go through severe emotional trauma and discrimination from society which could have a lasting impact on them. June 25th is observed as world Vitiligo day to help victims cope with the issues and create more awareness about the condition.
Actress Saumya Tandon who is seen in Bhabhi Ghar Pe Hai whose distant cousin suffering from Vitiligo, is completely aware of the stigma attached with the condition. The actress has made a video which aims at creating awareness in the minds of people who have wrong notions about Vitiligo, it is contagious and she also says that its time people spread awareness to the cause.
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