Sayani Gupta: I would love to be Mother of Dragon in Game of Thrones

Sayani Gupta: I would love to be Mother of Dragon in Game of Thrones news
img By Pooja Sharma | 20 Jul 2017 16:37:34.0200000 IST

Amazon Studios and Excel Entertainments’ web series ‘Inside Edge’ that released ten days back has been garnering good response from the viewers. In a candid interview Sayani Gupta who plays cricket analyst Rohini Raghavana in the series shares with us how difficult it was for her to play an analyst as she never followed Cricket religiously in real life. The actress also shared why instead of working in Indian remake of famous web series she would love to go over there and work in them.

Here are the excerpts:


Tell us about your on-going web series ‘Inside Edge’ and your character in it
‘Inside Edge’ is based on two things which our country is extremely obsessed with i.e. Cricket and Bollywood basically it’s a marriage between them. People don’t know what goes on behind the closed doors, how much power and money is involved in these games like IPL. The character I play is that of an analyst and actually there has never been a women analyst in our country unfortunately. This analyst is basically in charge of every decision taken like who are the players that are going to play, what the batting line up, bowling line up, field placement everything. So my character is basically a cricket geek. She is very powerful sort of person and if you see her then she is just little like young girl but everyone is really scared of her and take her very seriously in fact they call her the number woman. Her entire life revolves around cricket and her team Mumbai Maverick.

Previously you had said that you never followed cricket personally so how difficult it was to understand the technical terms in order to play your character in the show?
It was very difficult if you watch the show you will see that I am literally ranking out numbers it’s like she literally has a verbal diarrhea of numbers so I had to understand what I have to say as its all technicalities that I am talking about. I do not follow any sports religiously but I do watch few of them like any person does. But for this show I had to eat, breathe and live cricket like a cricket fanatic. So prior to this show I followed the last IPL in order to understand everything properly. And thankfully I had a team who comprise of cricket buffs like my director Karan and our writer helped me a lot. Also my co-stars Angad and Tanuj helped me and I used to literally walk around them noting down points making pie-charts. Being an actor all these things are part of my job but yeah it was not easy.

How similar or different it is to work for a feature film as compared to working in a web series?
Actually it’s not very different the only difference is the length. Like for films scripts are generally 100-140 pages but here it was like over 800 pages! It was crazy. When I was given the script I was like are you kidding me? It was really intimidating. as we never shoot chronologically and there is so much happening in the script that sometimes we are like shooting something from 1st episode then suddenly something from 3rd episode and in the middle of all this we are like, “Acha usme kya hua tha? Uska kya hogaya tha? Uss episode me apne aisawala expression diya tha etc and there was so much to remember. So because of its length it become bit difficult but having said that as an actor my job is this only so I try to give my best like I do for any of my projects.

From the promos and trailer of the show it is clearly evident that some of the characters are, if not inspired then, at least loosely based on real life people. So what’s your comment on it?
The thing is that obviously you have Richa’s character who is a Bollywood actress and also a team owner so comparisons with real life characters like Shilpa Shetty who is also an owner of IPL team is natural but apart from that there is no other similarities in their characters or where they are coming from. Some people even said that Vivek’s character looks like Lalit Modi but he isn’t! He doesn’t look or behave like Lalit Modi. Vivek’s character is like an out and out baddie. So if you look at this there are actually no similarities at all. See everybody likes to have some kind of association but for the creators they have to create something new and if they take it from real life then audience will be least interested in it. And come on do you think that if Amazon and Excel both of them are coming together then they would be anything of this sort? No. They would only look forward to creating something original and interesting.

Do you follow any international web series?
I do. I love Narcos. House of Cards is amazing though I haven’t seen its last few seasons. Also on hotstar I watch this Big Little Lies which I absolutely love it.

So if any of these series is remade in India, in which one of them you would love to work in?
I don’t want them to be remade in India and I want to go there and work in them. I would love to be Mother of Dragon in Game of Thrones.