VICE India Releases Episode 2 of C Se Crime

The second episode, Sh Se Shooter, as part of VICE India’s original crime series C Se Crime hosted on its global YouTube channel with over 10 million subscribers. Touted to be non-fictional six-part crime series, C Se Crime the show has been inspired by Amazon Prime Original Series Mirzapur.

Voiced by critically acclaimed actor, Vijay Raaz, Sh Se Shooter takes an in-depth look at how a street thug moves up the ladder in a gang to become an expert shooter, with specific examples and stories of the most notorious shooters from the state of Uttar Pradesh.


The remaining episodes after Sh Se Shooter will release over the course of two weeks bringing out different aspects of crime that occur in Uttar Pradesh. The episodes that are yet to release are as follows G Se Gang, Au Se Auzaar, F Se Faraari and S Se Smuggling.

Speaking about the series, Samira Kanwar, Head of Content, VICE India said, “The area of crime as a conversation has always been VICE’s strength globally and we have been researching a lot on how to localize the topic for the country. In India, the usual format of consuming information around this topic is through sensationalizing news. Our intent is to present a more authentic and relevant picture – looking deeper into how it all began and why.”