Shabana flooded with singer's roles

View Rang De Basanti Movie StillsIt appears that N. Chandra's trilogy after STYLE and EXCUSE ME, will probably be made without Sharman Joshi. The buzz goes that Joshi has been evading appointments with Chandra, who was made to wait for Joshi on three occasions. According to a source, Sharman who is fresh out of the RANG DE BASANTI hangover, has been playing hard to get and has indirectly expressed his disinterest in the film. Director N. Chandra was unavailable for comment. However Sharman's co-star, Sahil Khan, who was signed at the same time as Joshi for the three films and is ready to start work with Chandra on the third film, denied having any knowledge about the development. "I am aware of the fact that I and Sharman had signed the same agreement for three films with Chandra-ji. I know for a fact that I am doing Chandra-ji's next film, which is a comedy to be shot entirely in Spain and Europe. I would love to work with Sharman as a co-star once again. We shared great chemistry on screen. If for some reason, he is not doing the film, I'd still want to work with whoever replaces him simply because Chandra-ji is like a Godfather to me," Sahil reveals.

Download Style WallpapersSharman on the other hand is non-committal about the development, though he has a lot to say between the "I have no idea about the film that N.Chandra is planning nor have I been approached so far. If he does approach me, there is no reason why I shouldn't do it. However the bottom line for choosing a film will always be its script, irrespective of everything else," he said.