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MiD DAY readers will receive a very special surprise today, as Friday?s issue of India?s leading afternooner will have none other than Bollywood?s King Shah Rukh Khan, in a new role, that of a Guest Editor of the paper.

The issue becomes even more special for Shah Rukh Khan and all his fans, as it coincides with his birthday on November 2.

In his new avatar, Shah Rukh did what he is known to do best ? went head-long into the activity at hand, playing the Editor. Having got his script in place, Shah Rukh spent the meatier portion of his stay on the Edit Table, discussing the big stories of the day. Taking turns, he analysed news stories, sports and the caricatures which would go into the making of the completed newspaper.

Then, he focussed on the front page of the newspaper, discussing with section heads of MiD DAY the various options available. Given a choice between going for a spicy Bollywood story and a human interest one, Shah Rukh opted for the latter. ?Both are critical for the readers but I believe this on the front page will impact lives. It impacts me too?, he reacted.

Shah Rukh then got down to understanding how the photo department functions and was particularly impressed with the speed with which pictures are delivered.
MiD DAY is also about Making Work Fun, a philosophy accepted by Shah Rukh. ?I absolutely agree with this theme; no fun means no work. I?m very clear that in my office nobody?s supposed to come in at nine (o?clock). They can come and go when they want to. They have to work like slaves, but be happy they?re slaves. Everybody should enjoy and have a good laugh. There?s no boss, no head and it?s a bit disorganized, but I?ve noticed that if you give responsibility to people who are good at their jobs, they make it (whatever is needed to be done) happen. I think soon, people will not even have to come to office to get a job done, so it will be even more fun. Work without fun is no work. ?

As an editor, what did Shah Rukh think a reader would want in a newspaper? ?Personally, I?d like good sports coverage. I?d like the politics part of it to be concise, specific, and understandable for a lay person, because sometimes it can be a little difficult. I want the headlines to be attractive without being vulgar.?

Shishir Joshi, Group Editorial Director, Mid Day Multimedia said, ?MiD DAY is all about being newsy, about entertainment, and about creating excitement. Making work fun. Shah Rukh is also about the same things; whatever he does he creates news, entertains and with the release of OM SHANTI OM just round the corner, there is certainly lots of fun and excitement. So it?s a great handshake between MiD DAY and Shah Rukh. He came into the MiD DAY workplace today and brought a lot of fun with him.?

Shah Rukh Khan was earlier welcomed at the office by MiD DAYs Managing Director Tariq Ansari. Team MiD DAY also celebrated Shah Rukh Khan?s birthday in advance, cutting a 6 abs cake with the King Khan.