Shah Rukh Khan: I am one person who doesn’t wish anyone on social media

Shah Rukh Khan Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan celebrated his 52nd birthday with media last night and he was gracious enough to devote his birthday to fans and media. SRK looked dapper in blue stripped shirt and black chinos and one just couldn’t get their eyes off him seeing his bare chest, clean shave look.

The event began with Shah Rukh Khan heading to his residence Mannat where he waved his fans who, have been waiting to see him for hours and wish him. Post which he celebrated his birthday with media by cutting his birthday cake and interacted with them. And, as usual SRK was at his witty best. He gave some kickass one liners and charmed the journos.

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What gifts did you get on your 52nd birthday?
I didn’t get any gift. Karan Johar, who has given me a handbag and there are lots of love from friends, fans and you all (media). I am blessed to have fans and people around me who shower love on me.

How did AbRam wish you?
AbRam wished me, ‘Happy birthday birthday boy!’ (smiles)

What do you wish for yourself on your birthday?
When you reach this age, what you want is your children to be healthy. My way of thinking and sentiments have changed over the last few years. As I am aging, I am becoming gentler, towards everyone including you all. I just feel really gentle towards people. Achievements, success will follow when we do good films. I have other businesses also, which, touchwood, are doing well.

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But for me achievements and successes are about how gentle I can be towards people, how much patience I can have and how much love I can give to people. That’s the genuine truth, really. Like when you guys are here, I may not be able to meet you guys like this but I want you to be taken care of, that everything is sweet, gentle and nice. So, yeah when I become a thorough gentleman that will be a big achievement.

How did you celebrate your birthday?
I celebrated my birthday, with family and I am going back to them after interacting with you all, (Media), Aamir was supposed to come here but I told him to come later as there is so much chaos here.

How are you still so young at 52?
I eat very healthy, I don’t over eat and also I eat grilled home cooked food.

What is this first thing you do on your birthday?
Nothing much, it’s a normal day for me. Like, today I was in Alibaug, and then I came to meet all of you. I haven’t celebrated my birthday this way before I was an actor. I am happy for all the love that I get. So many people love me and even my family understands the love they (fans) shower on me. You all are indeed very sweet and touching. It’s likes, "begaani shaadi mein Khush hojana."

How do you react to social media love that you get?
I am one person who doesn’t wish anyone on social media. It’s like standing out at somebody’s house and wishing them happy birthday. I would rather call them. I will see all the messages, I will reply to everyone now.