SRK talks about his besties and it surely gives us friendship goals!

It was Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday yesterday and the large hearted king of romance spent his entire day with his fans, media and family.

On his special eve the trailer of his upcoming film ZERO was unveiled and he spoke in length about his downfalls, how much he believes in universe and why youngsters should be positive and what’s him energetic!

Shah Rukh Khan who turned 53 yesterday said, “I have had downfalls, some of my films didn’t do well, my films have failed but at the end everything falls in place, if it doesn’t fall in place it hasn’t ended.”


When asked how does he have so much energy to which he said, “ Aamir Khan too asks this question when we meet, I am blessed and thankful to all my fans and friend’s that they have given me so love that I don’t own my birthday too, and I wanted this I wanted to be an actor, I didn’t know how to act, some biggest of friends said, I don’t look good, I can’t dance, I knew one thing I wanted to act, that zeal and zest to act, to entertain and to meet my fans and friends keeps me going.”


Well Shah Rukh Khan has worked with Anushka and Katrina earlier in JAB TAK HAI JAAN and they are reuniting again as the film showcases a dysfunctional ailment both SRK and Anushka as well as Katrina have portrayed completed opposite roles which they aren’t in real life, it wasn’t easy for them to get out of the comfort zone and portray roles which are different to which SRK said, “ yes it wasn’t easy but the toughest part was for Anushka as she is very bubbly and brutally honest and upfront she portrays a very different role and I am always offered over the top romance this real romance, of a small town guy, with real difficulties. While Katrina is very humble and grounded which she plays a snob star.”

SRK also spoke about Salman Khan as he was the first choice for ZERO and how they both collaborate for the video, if this wasn't enough he mouthed his favourite from his upcoming film ZERO which has Salman and Aamir as well.

The birthday just couldn't be any better with the cake cutting for birthday boy!


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