Shah Rukh Khan's different take on love

Shah Rukh Khan's different take on love news
Ruchita Mishra By Ruchita Mishra | 15 Nov 2016 14:17:04.9970000 IST

The makers of DEAR ZINDAGI have been rolling out teasers of their film since a month, and the fans & audiences are also simply loving the chemistry between Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt.

These short takes of the film talks about loving your life and learning from it. Alia Bhatt the impatient youth is confused about her love life and is heartbroken on the other hand Shah Rukh Khan as a mentor heals her life.

All the three takes released earlier are funny, witty and give a slice of life. After the success of earlier takes, the makers have unleashed ‘Take 4’ which is an unusual take on life and love again.

As the video of TAKE 4 BEGINS:  We hear Shah Rukh Khan i.e. Jug talking about expressing emotions like anger, hate, frustration and questions why is it hard to express love.  We can see Alia in few shots where she is distressed with her love life probably heartbreak. And then SRK leaves us perplexed as he ends ‘Take 4’ on an open ended question!

Check out the video here: