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Shakti KapoorHis infamous reputation may well precede him but post the India T.V. sting operation, Shakti Kapoor's career is on an all-time high. After landing up roles in prime projects with a whole lot of notable banners who empathized with him, Kapoor has now turned storywriter. Producer-director Deepak Balraj Vij has roped in Kapoor's creative imagination for his forthcoming film, SEX and SCANDAL. "It tells a very intriguing story of a big star who exposes sex and scandal in the fast lanes of showbiz. It is a woman-oriented story, replete with the goings-on in the glamour industry and what actually transpires behind the scenes," Vij reveals.

Vij further reveals that he was earlier working on a film titled ADULTS but the story did not measure up to his expectations. "It gave the impression that the film was all about skin-show and vulgarity. I saw no point in going ahead with it. Then Shakti, whom I have known for a long time now, came up with this idea. I found the story quite interesting. That's how we decided to adapt it for the film," Vij recalls. Yes, the story covers the issue of the casting couches too, the issue that brought Shakti Kapoor's name into the forefront. Currently, the script is being worked on and Vij is planning to approach a sensational actress to play the central character in the film. One of the names under consideration is that of Mallika Sherawat too. "She would be ideal for the film but I haven't spoken to her yet," Vij says.

Download Bachke Rehna Re Baba WallpapersMeanwhile Shakti Kapoor is now getting ready to play the role of a journalist who exploits the image of a celebrity for furthering his own interests in his next film SHOWBIZ. He has his friends and supporters in the industry, who continue to stand by him, come what may. One of them is director of SHOW BIZ, Mohit Suri, who feels that Kapoor has had enough and need not tolerate any more humiliation. "He has had to pay a very heavy price for that one incident and he's been quite graceful about it. The question that needs to be asked to those who are blaming him is how would they have reacted in his position if a good-looking girl made advances at them," says Mohit Suri.