Shahid Kapoor: Alia Bhatt is all of 22-year-old with the experience of a 65-year-old

Shahid Kapoor: Alia Bhatt is all of 22-year-old with the experience of a 65-year-old news
Jahnavi Patel By Jahnavi Patel | 22 Sep 2015 14:17:47.0100000 IST

It always makes you nostalgic when you go between the young-just-in-college crowd especially when it’s been some time since you’ve passed college or attended a college festival. Shahid Kapoor & Alia Bhatt launched their ‘Shaam Shaandaar’ song at a college festival and the entire experience of the students going all gaga after seeing the two actors, definitely took us back in time!

This time, it was not restricted to the media asking the questions to the actors, but the students too got a chance to interact with them. One of the students asked Shahid & Alia about their experience on working with each other. Shahid decided to enact the scenario on the set and say how his experience was. He turned around facing towards Alia and was just nodding without saying a word and this had the crowd in splits.


He then asked Alia to share her experience. And there Alia started like a chatterbox. Alia said, “I think we should do it that way, what do you think? I think that day Vikas said…but you know what I feel? But you know what I really like, that day you said something very nice, say it again…” Then all Shahid could do was yell in annoyance and then he also started laughing.

This had the entire crowd hooting and cheering the two actors for their entertaining enactment. Alia then added saying, “It wasn’t that bad but something to this effect.”

Shahid then went onto add, “Alia Bhatt is all of 21 I think,” As he said this, Alia interrupted and yelled on the mike, “22”. Shahid then continued saying, “All of 22-years-old with the experience of a 65-years-old and there’s nothing that she doesn’t know. Alia was quick enough to say, “No, that isn’t true.”

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Shahid further continued, saying “She has a shaandaar point of view towards life and therefore she knows the answers to everything. So you can ask her anything she knows.”

Alia seemed a little embarrassed and said, “No, Shahid.” Shahid then said, “She took the whole ‘I don’t know’ thing very seriously and now she knows everything about everything. She covered it all up in one year.”

Such events always turn out to be fun! And after this, we’re sure you too would agree with us. The energy & excitement that the students have is on a different level altogether and the actors too seemed to have enjoyed the song launch with the students. Only if all press conferences were so much fun… #wishfulthinking