Shahid Kapoor: Didn't know what to expect from HAIDER!

Shahid Kapoor: Didn't know what to expect from HAIDER! news
img By Urvi Parikh | 13 Oct 2014 11:35:01.8530000 IST

Bollywood’s chocolate boy Shahid Kapoor has surprised both the critics & audience with his strong performance in Vishal Bharadwaj’s HAIDER.

Ask Shahid what were his expectations from the movie and he admits, 'I didn’t know what to expect from HAIDER. It is a film which is so unique and different that I don’t think any of us knew how people will respond to it. We had no idea and we were all scared. But I think when the film got ready and we saw it, we felt that we made something special. We all felt it was very honest. It didn’t have all those things which we take into consideration when you make a commercial film.'

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He further added, “I don’t think we would have released HAIDER on the day it has along with BANG BANG, since it wasn’t a solo release, if we didn’t believe in it. All of us had a certain sense of faith, confidence and pride in what we pulled off. It wasn’t an easy film to shoot. We felt like releasing it on the best possible day and since it was a long weekend, we decided to go with the date.”

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However, now that the film has released to good reviews and word of mouth, Shahid seems to be quite confident. “Though I knew HAIDER wasn’t an out and out entertainer, it was a 2 hour 40 minutes long film with strong emotions attached to it, but a part in me always believed that good content will always find an audience. So was the case with HAIDER. I feel one shouldn’t shy away from making films which are risky simply because of the fear of who will watch the film. You have to take risks and when that risk turns out to be HAIDER, you feel pretty cool about it,” confessed Kapoor.

Meanwhile, the actor is currently gearing up for his next film, Vikas Bahl’s SHAANDAR along with Alia Bhatt.