Shahrukh & Anubhav vindicated by censors on RA.ONE

Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 18 Oct 2011 12:13:49.7800000 IST

While so much is being said about Censor Board's requirement of a disclaimer being attached to RA.ONE when it comes to the dare devil action sequences in the film, the fact that is being conveniently ignored by so many out there is around the Thumbs Up that the film has received w.r.t. it being a wholesome entertainer.

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"Of course ultimately it's the content that matters but since Censor Board is acknowledging that the film has no disturbing scenes, language or violence in the film further reiterates Shahrukh's claim that RA.ONE was always meant to be a fun affair," says a source.

While the film has been cleared without even a single cut, hence leaving its running length of just under two and a half hours intact, the 'U' (Universal) certificate has only reaffirmed the endeavour of Shahrukh Khan and Anubhav Sinha to present RA.ONE as a family outing.

The source continues, "Quite a few felt that since the film deals with good v/s evil and there are video game characters involved, there may be some level of blood and gore. However those who have already had a dekko at the film vouch for the fact that the film is clean entertaining with high adrenalin action that would unfold along with all the thrills involving the battle of Ra. One and G. One."

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In fact news has also trickled in that Censor Board was unanimous in hailing Shahrukh for the effort he has put in the film, hence making it not just a landmark in the history of Indian cinema but also something that comes with a never-seen-before feel.

"Though their job is to basically give their verdict on the film and how suitable it is for the audience, quite a few members actually went up to Shahrukh and appreciated his work on the film which is undoubtedly the costliest ever to have come out of India," the source continues, "Ever since then he has been inundated with requests for other special screenings and preview shows. With just a week remaining for the film's theatrical release, Shahrukh's team is trying to accommodate as many requests as possible."