Shahrukh Khan unwell!

TWF IBNS By TWF IBNS | 30 Jan 2012 16:38:59.5600000 IST

Shahrukh Khan has kept himself quite busy in the past few months by hosting and performing in numerous Bollywood award functions, apart from the promotions for his film DON 2. Perhaps, the frantic schedules and rehearsals for the shows have taken their toll on King Khan's health with him being down with seasonal cold and flu.

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Ever so charming Khan tweeted in a rather depressed tone, "Damn cold & fever winning the battle, slowly taking over my robust pathan constitution. Cigarette tasting bad in mouth now...this is serious!" adding, "Explaining life to kids is tough enuff....explaining death extremely painful. Son & me being grown up. And me falling sick...throat hurting."

We would just like to wish the actor a speedy recovery.