Shahrukh's RA.ONE won't be interactive on big screen

Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 13 Jul 2011 15:27:33.7430000 IST

For all those who thought that they would be able to indulge in some virtual action with Shahrukh Khan as his RA.ONE plays on screen, there is some not-so-good news. Plans around any such experiments have been dropped and now audience would have to just live watching the action unfold on screen with no active participation whatsoever.

view RA.ONE videos
view RA.ONE videos

'Since this superhero film also deals with video games, Shahrukh and his director Anubhav Sinha were earlier toying with the idea of making RA.ONE an interactive experience. One such proposal is said to have been around handing over audience a gadget that would have allowed them to control the way characters behaved on screen. It would have been a virtual reality experience, something that's a first in the history of Indian cinema,' informs a source.

Of course since this was experimental in nature and also an expensive affair, only selected multiplexes would have been fortunate enough to be handed over this technology. However as things stand today, even that seems like an almost lost possibility as it has become a rather prolonged exercise.

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Says Anubhav, 'Yes, this was the original idea as due to newer technology coming in, it seemed to have adequate synergy with RA. ONE as well. There were people who came to us with a proposal. However all of it has turned out to be too complex and intricate. I don't know whether we would be able to pull that off as we haven't even gone into the testing stage.'

He hasn't lost all hopes though and feels that one day he would be able to make the interactive medium a reality. 'We learn as we make more films of this kind and budget. In fact I am not letting go off this dream. I will try to bring this technology on the home video version,' he says.

Meanwhile there are no changes in plans for the PlayStation game designed around the film as it would hit the stands as expected in the month of September. Well, Shahrukh fans won't mind that as long as they can bring him home and play around literally.