SHAKAL PE MAT JA First Look unveiled

Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 25 Oct 2011 16:26:31.9400000 IST

The entire cast of the upcoming movie SHAKAL PE MAT JA unveiled its first look in Mumbai. The movie faced plenty of rejection issues from the censor board with respect to its promos. The director had to face tremendous losses for the same reason. But now the movie is all set to release on the 18th of November.

download SHAKAL PE MAT JAA wallpaper
download SHAKAL PE MAT JAA wallpaper

The co-producer of the movie, Hrishita Bhatt and ace choreographer Shiamak Davar were present at the event. Shubh Mukherjee is playing the lead in the movie, directing it and is the script writer of the movie too.

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Both Hrishita Bhatt and Shiamak Davar were all praises for the actor/director/writer and are having huge expectations from this promising project.

The movie is produced by IPIX Movies, Linc Entertainment, Saritaa Deepak Jalan, and co-produced by Hrishita Bhatt. The distribution of the movie will be done by Reliance Entertainment.