Shakespeare inspires ISI LIFE MEIN too

Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 24 Dec 2010 12:54:40.1330000 IST

download ISI LIFE MEIN...! wallpaper

download ISI LIFE MEIN...! wallpaper

In last half a decade, Vishal Bhardwaj has admittedly been inspired by Shakespeare for two of his films. While he adapted MACBETH for MAQBOOL, OTHELLO was his next pick which led to the making of OMKARA. Now there is an unusual suspect in the form of Sooraj Barjatya. A major part of his ISI LIFE MEIN...! is based on Shakespeare's eternal play THE TAMING OF THE SHREW.

Confirms Sandeepa Dhar, the leading lady of the film who is also making her big screen debut with the film, 'Yes, in the film all us youngsters are putting up a play which is called THE TAMING OF THE SHREW.
Akshay (Oberoi) and I play the lead protagonists in this play which actually forms an integral part of the film.'

Akshay and Sandeepa would be playing the characters of Petruchio and Katherina respectively which were Shakespeare's creation for this comedy which was written during 1590s. However, the charm of the play has remained intact even after 400 years.


As per a source, 'The play is about Petruchio, a gentleman, and Katherina, a headstrong and stubborn shrew. Though to begin with, Katherina is an unwilling participant in the relationship, she turns into an obedient bride once Petruchio tempers her with various psychological torments and eventually manages to 'tame' her.'

'In the play, I am this totally brash, rude and a bitter person', informs Sandeepa who has been seen earlier in several advertisements, both in television and print world, 'To play this character was so enjoyable as it was totally opposite of Rajnandini, the name of my on-screen character in ISI LIFE MEIN.'

We look forward to that girl!