Shamin Mannan gives us major Goa goals

Who doesn’t love a trip to Goa, not actor Shamin Mannan for sure! The actor is a big fan of Goa and loves going there to take some time off. In fact, recently the actor was there for a week. “Goa is like my second home, whenever I feel like unwinding that's where I go. I either drive down or hop in a flight to Goa. It was a 7-day trip this time,” she says.

Ask her what she loves about the place, and she says, “I love the carefree life here, the beach vibes, the slow and peaceful pace of days here, I’m a sucker for beaches, I can just lie down on a beach bed the whole day with a book and play in the water with the waves.”

But this time was special. “Scuba diving had been in my to do list since long. And this time I felt like finally doing it and I did,” she says, adding, “The experience was exhilarating, and I plan to do it in more depth and clearer water the next time like in the Andaman or somewhere. I saw coral reefs underwater, a seahorse and some beautiful fish. It was surreal. I have done paragliding and I love that, I love the feeling of flying in the air, I love kayaking in the ocean and mountain rappelling.”