Shamita Shetty bowled over by Warne

img By Contributor | 16 May 2009 16:22:33.7130000 IST

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download SHAMITA SHETTY wallpapers

B-town starlets are notoriously famous for sharing an interesting chemistry with both Indian & international cricketers, from Kim Sharma to Isha Sharvani, they mostly hogged the limelight for their alleged liaisons with cricketers.

Now the latest to get bowled over is Shamita Shetty, by none other than Shane Warne, the captain-cum-coach of the Rajasthan Royals, the IPL team co-owned by darling sister Shilpa Shetty and her beau Raj Kundra.

It is learnt that Shamita and Shane grew close during this year's IPL tour. They spent time during early post-win celebrations while in South Africa. Since then, they've bonded and kept in touch. Also its being claimed that Shane was seen cozying up with Shamita at a South African nightclub. When the media got wind of it and landed up there, the leggy lass took the back exit and left. And it seems she is wisely keeping her distance from the handsome cricketer so as to avert snooping media glare.

With a glorious past record of Shamita's alleged linkups, the most prominent being a steamy affair with Yuvraj Singh, this one doesn't really come as a bolt from the blue.

So now Shamita's full attendance at this year's IPL doesn't come as a surprise, little did we know that the Shetty sibling who posed as a glam quotient all through IPL, was actually maneuvering her budding romance with Warne.