Shardul Pandit is now Kunal Pandit, here’s why!

Shardul Pandit

Actor Shardul Pandit has gone back to being known as Kunal Pandit now which was his original name. “I decided this just a few days back, as a lot of times my family used to tell me that I should continue with my real name. I have reached a point where I have become completely comfortable with who I am and what I am. Nobody enforced this decision. People kept saying that it was a lucky name as I started my career as a radio jockey with that name and I also got success. But despite all the luck and all, I have accepted my real self. Now, I am comfortable with my name irrespective of what people say about me. I started my career as a radio Jockey with the name Kunal but during my Limca book of Record (for non stop hosting) another radio station told that my name won't be accepted so I had to change my name to Shardul. But my name on all legal documents is Kunal Pandit,” he says.

Ask him if he believes in astrology and numerology, and Kunal says, “I believe in it but I believe more in the energy and vibrations of everything. This is the reason that I am going back to my real name or the name I am born with. Before my upcoming birthday on the 28th of November, I just want to be who I am. This name is my birthday gift to my mother and father. I decided this on November 22nd as it' was my father’s birthday.”

In fact, his family was not comfortable with the name Shardul. “My father was always happy with my name Kunal but he wasn't happy with Shardul. Although he didn't object as my family has always been very supportive,” he says. We wish you all the luck Kunal!