Shehzad Deol to get this surprise on his birthday

Shehzad Deol (Pic Courtesy: Instagram)

As actor Shehzad Deol continues to impress us with his journey in the reality show Ace of Space, his parents are eagerly waiting for his return. The actor, who turned year older recently (29th November), has a lot of surprises waiting for him once he returns. “When he comes back, we will gift him clothes as he is very fond of clothes. We have bought a few jackets for him from London. He is very crazy about cars and he had asked me to change the car and we are planning to surprise him with a new car and some more things,” says his father Ravindra Singh Deol.

His father was nursing an injury when the actor left for the show and cannot wait for him to be back. “We are missing him a lot. When he went in the Ace of space house, I was totally on the bed as I, unfortunately, met with an accident and had multiple fractures. He was so worried about me but I told him to go. I told him that I will take care of myself and now I am totally fine. I cannot wait to meet him and spend time with him now,” he says.

Ravindra is loving him on the show and says that Shehzad is totally being himself. “I just want to say that he is doing really well and that he should continue the way he is playing. He is a very simple guy and believes in honesty and can't be fake at all. He is playing the game with total honesty and we are loving it. He should continue the same way. He is a true Sikh and has been taught to help others, respect women and elders and not to misbehave with anyone unless someone is provoking him unnecessarily. He follows that as we can even see in the show as well,” he says.

Meanwhile, Ravindra, as well as Shehzad’s mom Sophia, really missed the actor on his birthdays. His father says that birthdays mean a lot to Shehzad. “Shehzad used to get excited for his birthday as a child. He used to get very excited about celebrating his birthday at different places and used to demand so much before his birthday. He used to love throwing parties, inviting guests, celebrating his birthday at Mc Donald's and Pizza Hut, he used to enjoy all of that. Once he grew up, he would book a table at a nightclub for his friends,” he says.