Why Shehzad Deol’s mom loves him in Ace of Space

Shehzad Deo with his family

Actor Shehzad Deol has been doing a fabulous job in Vikas Gupta’s Ace of Space. The actor has been gaining recognition and seems to have become the most eligible bachelor in the house. His mother, too, is happy with her performance. “Ace of space is a very good show. We are not regular viewers of MTV but I felt that this show is something different. About Shehzad, I feel that he has taken it as a challenge. It’s a kind of test between mind and heart. I think he is handling the show very smartly,” she says. 

Diwali was not the same without him, she adds, “We are really missing him. This was the first Diwali when Shehzad was not at home. I think he is playing very cool and with a balanced mind. He is full agressive in the task when it’s really required. He is not creating unnecessary arguments in the house. He is playing in the best way.” 

The actor’s mother adds that Shehzad always wanted to be part of showbiz. “Since childhood, he was inclined towards the entertainment industry. As he grew up, he became very determined towards his goal and as parents, we always supported him as we could see his determination. His whole family, friends, cousins, even if his grandfather and l watch every episode,” he says.