Shekhar Suman's comment sees Rani Mukherjee red

Shekhar Suman, India's Jay Leno, who is known to throw the wittiest remarks about every celebrity in the country, had a spat with Rani Mukherjee. At the Sahara channel's World Peace Concert, Rani was doing an item wherein she was a girl on the lookout for a life partner, and four men vying for her attention.To this Shekhar Suman seems to have remarked, "Anaar jo phut jaata hain," and "Ek anaar sau bimaar," which irked Rani to no end. Although backstage she reprimanded Shekhar for the same, Bunty Walia, the organizer of the show, appeared ignorant about the incident. He refused to comment saying that he would do so only after having a look at the tapes of the concert.