Shenaz Treasury: You don't need to tie the knot to be blissful in a relationship

Shenaz Treasury has been favourite of almost every 90’s kids. She has been a VJ, a travel blogger as well as an amazing actor, though few acting stints. She has also worked in American film, THE BIG SICK. Now she will be seen in KAALAKAANDI along with Saif Ali Khan, Amyra Dastur and Isha Talwar that is releasing this Friday.
In conversation with Shenaz as she spoke about the film, her journey in Bollywood and her take on relationships.
Excerpts from the interview!
Tell us about your role in KAALAKAANDI?
My character name is Ayesha, who’s a bit of a party girl, but she's clear on what she wants out of life and is unashamed of speaking her mind. She's a strong independent woman, the type character that I enjoy playing.
Do you love dark comedies? Is KAALAKAANDI your type of genre?
I definitely enjoy dark comedies if they are well written. KAALAKAANDI was a great script so I was drawn to it immediately. Plus, I was able to reunite with my DELHI BELLY director Akshat Varma, who is always a blast to work with.
How close is KAALAKAANDI to you? How similar are you to your character in this film?
It would be difficult to live your entire life in KAALAKAANDI, it's a challenging place. There's a little bit of Ayesha in all women. It just takes the right circumstance for her to come out. We share a love of life, a free spirit and strong opinions, but we are not the same people. The film happens in one evening so it's a snapshot of how people respond to a very specific set of circumstances that test both who they are and who they want to be. In that way it is very similar to real life.
You have worked with different co-stars in your career? How do you break ice with them and gel well with each of them every time?
I was at a house party recently and the host shared that sometimes at bar he will see an attractive woman grab some ice from the bar, throw it on the floor in front of her and crush it under his feet. He then will proclaim, "Now that I've broken the ice, what's your name?" Suffice it to say that is not the way we break the ice on movies at all. All co-stars are different but typically gel with each other.
How was it to team up with a co-star and person like Saif Ali Khan?
Saif is a lot of fun to work with. He has a big heart and is a very gracious actor and a joy to be on set with.
How do you juggle between your projects in India and in the West?
Juggling projects between continents is no easy feat. I was based in New York for seven years, coming back as many as six times year to work on projects here. I recently moved back to Mumbai to be closer to family and friends and to pursue more work here. Ironically, as soon as I moved back I booked a movie called MY COUSIN'S SISTER'S WEDDING that was shot in New York in December. The back and forth can be grueling, but I'm not complaining because I'm blessed to have the opportunity to work both here and in the West.
You are travel freak and even promote responsible tourism, when and how you became a travel junkie?
Yes, I like the idea of being addicted to travel! It started at a very young age. My Dad was a ship's Captain, and I had traveled to five continents before my fifth birthday, so the travel bug has always been in my blood. As for responsible tourism, I believe we should all be responsible travelers, whether we are visiting one of India's many fabulous destinations or exploring the world outside of India. We should all respect our hosts, go local, honor our heritage, protect our planet, preserve wild life and go litter free. Last year I teamed up with Ola Outstation as India's first responsible tourism ambassador to support these same responsible tourism pledges. The campaign #Ghoomoresponsibly generated over 5 million impressions and raised awareness for responsible tourism.
How do you want to further take this interest of yours?
I've been lucky to turn my travel addiction into a second career as a travel influencer and vlogger. In 2017- I traveled all over - Mexico, St. Moritz, The Maldives, Greece, Bali, Copenhagen, California, New York and all over India. I have several exciting trips lined up for 2018 and if you want to come along with me just follow me on social media.
These days many actresses are tying the knot and settling up, do you also now wish to enter the blissful phase of life called ‘marriage’?
I don’t feel you need to tie the knot to be blissful in a relationship. You can be happy without signing that piece of paper too.
What's your take on love and relationships?
Love and relationships are the most important things in life!
Shenaz Treasury
Shenaz Treasury