Shenaz Treasurywala: Being bubbly is boring

img By Joginder Tuteja | 23 Nov 2009 12:34:47.3530000 IST

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Think Shenaz Treasurywala and you instantly visualize all around sunshine. Vivacious and chirpy, the ex-MTV VJ has been known to light up the atmosphere whenever she used to appear on the telly. However, when it comes to her movie outings, she is looking at characters that go beyond her ever-so-smiling and bubbly image.

'The most boring scenes for me are the ones where I've to be bubbly and content. Yaaaawn! I want conflict, weakness, inadequacies and contradiction in my characters. I don't want to play 'perfect' or 'barbie' girl. That's so lifeless, dreary, un-relatable and unreal', says Shenaz who would be seen soon in RADIO opposite Himesh Reshammiya.

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Is there anything in particular that she enjoyed most while shooting for the film?

'I enjoyed doing the scenes where my character is conflicted, when she is trying to hide her emotions and acts irrational', says Shenaz who plays a RJ in the film, 'Shanaya (the name of her character) can't handle her emotions and acts ridiculous sometimes. She does those really silly and irrational things.'

Further elaborating on why she enjoyed doing these scenes, Shenaz says, 'I enjoyed doing those imperfect, flawed, confused scenes the most because that's how we are in real life - unpredictable, irrational and flawed.'