1000th show of KABEER, a musical mono act play

Shekhar Sen in Kabeer a musical mono act play

Shilpkaar presents Kabeer

November 29th and 30th 2018 will be marking the 999th and 1000th shows of writer-composer-singer-actor- Padma Shri Shekhar Sen's five musical mono-acts, which were first staged in 1998 and have kept devout fans glued to their seats for over two decades now.

Synopsis Kabeer this musical mono act play depicts exciting life story of great reformist, poet and philosopher - Kabeer. 600 years ago, this legendary saint challenged deep rooted social evils ailing the society. With 45 song-sequences, this two-hour-long play unfolds making of this revolutionary social reformer. The play truly reflects influence of great saints like Guru Ramanand, Raidas, Sheikh Fareed on Kabeer. Touching enactment of Kabeer's marriage with Sikandar Shah Lodhi and other incidents underlines Shekhar's sterling performance. Sung in rich voice and supported by melodious music Kabeer's poem, appropriately woven in the play, tenderly touch our soul. Mesmerized audience rediscovers Kabeer's message of love and peace and religious harmony, a message that binds us together shedding religious hatred. 'Kabeer' has been conceived, written, composed, directed and acted by Shekhar Sen.

Shows Thu. 29th Nov. 8.30pm at Tejpal, Gowalia Tank. & Fri. 30th Nov. 8pm at Iskcon, Juhu.