Shiney Ahuja makes a lackluster comeback

Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 13 Jan 2012 19:25:59.8000000 IST

This isn't what Shiney Ahuja must have bargained for when he dreamt of making a comeback to Bollywood. His GHOST is releasing this Friday and as things stand today, the film is literally arriving unannounced. As reported by us last month, things had anyways turned sour for him when the film couldn't make it to the December deadline. However a month's delay hasn't helped the cause either as they didn't promote their film adequately.

download GHOST wallpapers
download GHOST wallpapers

''It is indeed a sad situation for Shiney. A film like GHOST really needed a good promotional drive that would have made 'aam janta' aware about its arrival. There was a drive of some sort during November but then suddenly the film was pushed to January which ended up being a spanner in the original plans. Shiney as well as his co-star Sayali Bhagat were doing all that they could in their limited capacity but decision to postpone the film for better prospects has only backfired,' says a trade follower.

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This is evident in the manner in which whatever little buzz that GHOST had created has met an untimely death. With not enough funds in hand to promote the film extensively and no build up happening despite the release being well timed (Friday, the 13th is considered as an apt day for horror), GHOST has arrived today as a filler release.

''Let's not ignore the fact that it isn't the only movie to arrive this weekend,' the trade source continues, 'There are other films like CHAALIS CHAURAASI, SADDA ADDA and TUTIYA DIL releasing as well which means it would be a crowded affair. The only solace that Shiney can take is in the fact that if one leaves aside CHAALIS CHAURAASI (Naseeruddin Shah, Kay Kay Menon, Ravi Kissen, Atul Kulkarni), other two films haven't even been heard of and there are no recognizable faces there.''

Moreover since PLAYERS hasn't really set the box office on fire and DON 2 also nearing its theatrical run, Shiney would be hoping that GHOST benefits from word of mouth in an open run ahead. ''Shiney would have to leave it on destiny now,'' says an insider, 'He would be praying for a miracle that audience catch a fancy to GHOST since he has no other choice but to keep his fingers crossed.'