Shirish Kunder on JOKER: I have no intention of making an art film

img By Joginder Tuteja | 16 Aug 2012 14:11:17.4500000 IST

JOKER is barely a fortnight away from release and one waits to see what does filmmaker Shirish Kunder have to offer in the film which promises to be different indeed. With an eye on creating some never seen before visuals, Shirish says that his intent is to make something out of the ordinary but still in the commercial zone.


"I have no intention of making an art film," declares Shirish, "I want to take a new story and then present it as an entertaining film. Otherwise there are so many films being made in the name of entertainment but all you see are same 'ghisi-piti' situations or remakes. Yes, there are some people who are doing interesting films but they are in art house zone."

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He rues the fact that not many commercial directors are trying to experiment with the subjects and are just content playing safe.

"I am not seeing people taking initiative with a unique subject and then presenting them in full-on commercial format," Shirish adds, "Yes, some out there are doing that with limited budget but real fun would be when people do that with a much bigger budget and go the whole hog."

Here is hoping that JOKER turns out to be one such film when it hits the screens on 31st August 2012.