Shiv Darshan: KARLE PYAAR KARLE is a wholesome entertainer

Shiv Darshan: KARLE PYAAR KARLE is a wholesome entertainer news
Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 31 Dec 2013 17:32:58.9430000 IST

With his launch pad KARLE PYAAR KARLE moving ahead by a week, debutant Shiv Darshan has added time for promoting his film. While one gets an impression that this one is an out and out love story, one can be almost sure that the Darshan scion always had a romantic genre in mind to begin his Bollywood sojourn.

'Well, there were multiple genres that we were thinking of. My father asked me that what kind of movie did I want to feature and I said that it had to be a wholesome entertainer. This is actually what KARLE PYAAR KARLE is. Right now what are you seeing are songs but in newer promos, you would see many more ingredients of a mainstream entertainer,' says Shiv.

download KARLE PYAAR KARLE wallpapers
download KARLE PYAAR KARLE wallpapers

While some of his dance moves are already on display, there is a lot more that is waiting to be unveiled. Not many are aware that other than studying in New York Film Academy, the six feet tall youngster has even pursued dancing in Broadway Dance Centre.


'I tried hip-hop and then also did a bit of tap and ballet,' says Shiv, 'Once I got back to India, I felt that my personality was a lot more rounded now. Having said that, in Bollywood dancing has its own grammar. Whatever I did in the West was fine but what you see in the song promos of KARLE PYAAR KARLE is something that I learnt afresh here. I am enjoying it here.'

Now one looks forward to the audience enjoying this Suneel Darshan film as well when it hits the screens on 17th January.