SHOCKING! Akshay Kumar boozes & dances unabashedly

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar may be a disciplinary in real life who doesn’t even sip a cup of coffee/tea to avoid caffeine, forget about alcohol. But on reel and for his on-screen characters, Akki is ready to shed all his inhibitions or give up his disciplinary ways.

After wowing the audience with romantic song ‘Naino Ne Baandhi’, Akshay Kumar and his GOLD team has unveiled the second song ‘Chad Gayi Hai’. We have witnessed and enjoyed several songs of Akshay from romantic ballad to dance masti or bullying songs, but for the time ever, we see the superstar Akshay Kumar boozing and dancing unabashedly on-screen. In the lately released song, we see Akshay getting drunk and grooving like no one’s watching him. Check out his moves here: