'Shortcut' heroine doesn't need any shortcuts

'Shortcut' heroine doesn't need any shortcuts news
img By Joginder Tuteja | 13 Jun 2013 16:42:46.0730000 IST

While there have been stories of actresses losing hope in the big bad world of Bollywood and either fading away or desperately seeking a camp slot for themselves to further extent their stint in the industry, a relative new entrant like Puja Gupta feels that girls in the current generation have to explore their own standing without resorting to shortcuts of any kind. This includes being associated with a particular bunch of filmmakers and actors or even going to the extent of hooking up with one who either stands up as a sugar daddy or provided support as a famous boyfriend.

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''I truly believe that all of this is very outdated now. We girls belong to a very new generation and don't need any camp. People will like what we are for and not with whom we are. This stands for the sugar daddies as well as filmy boyfriends. How can it help if they know other people from the industry? Puhleeze, you are talking about a whole era gone by,'' says Puja who has worked with an entirely different set of people in F.A.L.T.U, GO GOA GONE and SHORTCUT ROMEO.

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Though she admits that her pace so far has been a tad slow, she feels that it is better to wait for right things to come at the right time than depend upon others to put you on a path that may seem promising.

''See, it is as simple as that, a boyfriend's Papa can't help you in this industry. As an actress, you have to make sure that you look good and act well. If you have a personality then you can help yourself. Beyond that if you try any other means that you can't long last in the industry. There is no point hunting for such backings as it is useless. If I am good in my work then audience and critics are going to love me. Cinema is changing today, you can make a movie without having affairs with anyone,'' Puja says in a matter of fact tone.

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