Shraddha Kapoor: I constantly try to improvise on myself

Shraddha Kapoor who is riding high with the success of STREE, the film is garnering good reviews, after few debacles Shraddha is in happy space, that her film is accepted well.

With the news of STREE sequel coming in, Shraddha is in happy phase of life.

Shraddha has two back to back films Saina Nehwal’s biopic and SAHOO.

In conversation with Shraddha Kapoor as she speaks about her film STREE, and what sort of prankster was she when she was a kid, and her hardships in preparing up for Sania Nehwal’s biopic!

How did STREE happen?

I heard the story and I was just laughing and giggling throughout the narration. It was so humourous. Besides humour, the concept was steady and interesting. If a man walks alone on the street during midnight then only his clothes will be found, how each and every man is scared of this female ghost. So I found it really interesting and I was thankful that this film was offered to me. And even the cast is so fantastic. Pankaj sir is on board; Rajkumar Rao is my co-actor so I considered it to be a lifetime opportunity.

The film is clashed with YAMLA PAGLA DEEWANA PHIRR SE and still STREE did well, what do you have to say?

There are no rules of releasing a film. Now, all the labels of big film and small film are getting blurred. At this point of time, content is the ruling power. If your content is appealing then no matter how tiny your label is, you’ll surely get the audience’s support. No doubt it’s disheartening when your film doesn’t stand on viewers expectations; your hard work gets ruined. But we also have to accept the fact that in our job, viewers are superior. And we have to give our best to stand up on their expectations.
How do you react or what’s your feeling when the film you’ve poured your hard work in, doesn’t work out?

I try not to get attached from the success or failure because it’s not constant. Both, success and failure keeps varying. I try my best to give my best to whatever I’m doing. And I try to be part of films which have really magnificent content. I try to be a part of content-driven films.

So how’s the preparation for Sania Nehwal biopic going on?

It’s going well. It’s very challenging in a way as Sania is a champion since so many years and I need to act like her in a very short period of time. I am not a real player, I will take time to learn and I am doing my best. There is one more physically intense film, SAAHO. I was recently got get a huge injury. Thank heavens I didn’t got injured.

Right from your debut film until now, what qualities have changed in you, or is there any change in last so many years?

My perception towards selecting scripts has changed no doubt. I don’t want to be a part of repetitive scripts. I think that I’ve evolved in choosing scripts. Besides that I try to keep getting better because that’s the main thing. I focus on my performance and tend to make improvisation in myself.

Does your father help in selecting scripts ?

He always appreciates my work. He’s proud enough that I’m also a part of this industry. He never judges my scripts or never says that this is a good script or a bad script. Maybe because his journey had so many struggles and he knows the value of even getting offered in a movie. There are so many artists in the industry who are desperately waiting for scripts and so many artists who want to be a part of Indus. So I’m grateful that I’m getting scripts and I try to cherish each one of them.I’ve a desire to be called as a versatile actor. I also want to hear at some point of time in my career that I have somewhere matched the level of my father. I wish I get such versatile scripts on my way so that I can quickly grab them.

Have you done any paranormal activities in life?

Infact yes, when I was small in school I had a group in building and we had some unsual committees and solve issues, I was a very naughty and upfront kid. But at the same time I feel there are ghosts and at times I feel there aren’t. While sleeping I keep a tiny bulb on. I can’t sleep in complete dark. Another thing which scares me is the lightning and thunderstorm.

How do you see success and failure?

I’ve always said this, if audience is interested in your films they’ll watch it. I never faced a huge failure, but my few films set the bar so high that my then upcoming films couldn’t match that level. At some point I also feel that people should not compare your upcoming films with your previous ones. Each film has its own story and narration. I just focus on the content. My films which didn’t do well in terms of box office figures, too received some appreciation from the viewers so that’s a good thing.

How was the experience working with Rajkumar Rao?

It was a lifetime experience. I always wanted to work with him and thankfully I’m working with him. He’s such a phenomenal actor. His films are so beautiful and he himself is a very great Actor. Even working with Pankaj sir was fun. He’s so humourous and amazing.