Shraddha Kapoor intimidated meeting HASEENA's family?

Shraddha Kapoor intimidated meeting HASEENA's family? news
Shaheen Irani By Shaheen Irani | 17 Nov 2016 14:58:41.6300000 IST

Shraddha Kapoor has 3 projects in her kitty - HALF GIRLFRIEND, OK JAANU and HASEENA.


While HALF GIRLFRIEND and OK JAANU are love stories, HASEENA is the story of a sister’s relationship with her brother.

Shraddha, who was excited about meeting Haseena Parkar’s family has finally met them.

Earlier when asked if Shraddha be intimidated, the actress answered, “No I won’t. I’m very excited to play the character because it’s the story between a brother and his sister which nobody knows about.”

Shraddha was asked if she has a regret of not meeting Haseena, to which she said, “Yeah. I wish I could. It would be nice to actually know what she feels. There’s actually a footage of her which has been taken. So I’ll have to watch that and do my best.”

Do you think Shraddha would have been intimidated or no?