Shreya Ghoshal turns 'dilwali', makes RAEES SRK ashamed

Shreya Ghoshal turns 'dilwali', makes RAEES SRK ashamed news
Vishal Verma By Vishal Verma | 27 Jan 2017 14:33:38.9670000 IST

One of Bollywood's best crooner Shreya Ghosal has turned a solid ‘Dilwali’ making our RAEES SRK ashamed. well not literally, we mean the singer has shown a larger heart than or 'DILWALE' SRK.   

Well the story goes like this and we thank the thoroughly informed ‘FAN’ of the singer who brought this to our notice.


SRK’s most touted claim to reclaim his crown – RAEES is released and while the makers and Shah Rukh Khan are closely monitoring the reactions from around the globe, Shreya’s diehard fans who were also waiting for the movie received a shock when they found that the Shreya Ghoshal song which she recorded a year back for the film has been chopped off.

The fans expressed their displeasure by posting their comments via social media to the award winning singer and a post from one of her ardent fans by the name Arnab made us realize that Shreya has taken that unfortunate incident gracefully in her her stride showcasing her large heart. 

The above image says it all where the singer says that many factors play a role in retaining a song in the album. It's not just in the hands of the creative people. So the fans should not be disheartened.

A source close to the production informs that the axed song was composed by Ram Sampath.