Shruti & David Kushner make global history with HISSS

Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 08 Sep 2010 17:44:32.8500000 IST

Shruti Haasan and David Kushner make global history with Venus' HISSS soundtrack.

In a first-ever-of-its-kind global collaboration, singer/actress/musician/model Shruti Haasan recently broke new ground for America and India by being the first desi artist to sing lead vocals on a song created by a leader of an American Rock 'N Roll 'Supergroup'.

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download SHRUTI K HAASAN wallpapers

The HISSS song 'Beyond The Snake' was composed specially for the film by David Kushner, the rock 'guru' behind Velvet Revolver, a popular American rock band which boasted members of major American groups Guns 'N Roses and Stone Temple Pilots. Besides lending her voice, Shruti has also penned the lyrics of the song.

HISSS, the highly anticipated American-Indo co-production starring Mallika Sherawat, Irrfan Khan, Divya Dutta and Jeff Doucette has made news in it's epic two years of production for its Hollywood treatment of the Eastern Snake Goddess/Naagin legend and being the first in a new wave of high-profile Hollywood/Bollywood collaborative projects as pioneered by Split Image Pictures (IN.) and Nuclear Mango (U.S.)

Venus Records will be releasing Shruti and Mr. Kushner's HISSS rock anthem, 'Beyond The Snake' by DKFXP featuring Shruti and other HISSS soundtrack songs as single records and music videos on radio & TV leading up to the film's release. The songs and videos will be made available for mobile and digital download including iTunes.

Other songs for the film include Mallika Sherawat's singing debut for Julian Lennon (son of Beatle John fame), a singing duet with Shweta Pandit and Mallika Sherawat for HISSS composer Alexander Von Bubenhiem's theme single WRAP AROUND, a new HISSS 'snake charmer' record by famed UK bhangra sensation Panjabi MC, a Shweta Pandit and Shraddha Pandit collaboration, and 3 dance/club remixes from Hollywood Hip-Hop music producer Craig Nobles.

'Beyond The Snake' by DKFXP featuring Shruti Haasan was brokered in a deal by Nuclear Mango music executive Marcus Barone, Stefanie Langs of Creative Artists Agency (CAA) on behalf of Mr. Kushner, and HISSS co-producer William Sees Keenan and Ratan Jain for Venus Records.