Shweta Rohira reminisces her inspiration - Sridevi


February 24, 2018, was a sad day for Indian cinema as the iconic diva, the queen of Bollywood, actress Sridevi passed away. Actor Shweta Rohira says that the actor was of great inspiration to her. “It’s always hard to forget people like Sridevi. I remember after watching MR. INDIA, I troubled my mother to make me the same clothes that she wore in the song Hawa Hawai, so I could wear it and dance like Sridevi. Until now, whenever the song is played, I become Hawa Hawai. And then there is CHANDNI, a classic romantic movie and CHAALBAAZ, a perfect mix of action, drama, comedy and romance,” she says.

She adds, “CHAALBAAZ is the one film that still gives me goose bumps as the heroine was the hero of the film, who did everything from action to romance. Manju was magnetic when she pummels a group of men or when she is drunk whereas Anju was so delicate and graceful. She played the double role perfect to the T. CHAALBAAZ not only made her become an equal of male heroes but made her first female superstar. As an actress, there is so much to learn from her every film, she was a true inspiration.”