Sneha Wagh finds new love

Sneha Wagh

Chandragupta Maurya, the historical show on Sony Entertainment Television, brings forth some interesting dramatic content based on a true story of the life of the Mauryan King. The show that keeps its audience glued to the screens with new twists and turns on a daily basis hosts quite a few talented actors from the industry. Sneha Wagh who essays the character of Moora – Chandragupta’s mother, on the show, recently shared a really beautiful picture with a cute puppy named Rawn, that happens to be her friend’s pet. And the way she went crazy on seeing the puppy took everyone by surprise on seeing an all together new version of her.

Sneha, who plays the role of Moora, Chandragupta’s mother and the former queen of Piplivan, seemed really happy with her new friend on the set. Dogs are a weakness of most of the girls, but it definitely means something if a dog can actually make you feel alive. She mentions, “I was very fond of pets during my childhood and finally got a dog to my place one day. After three days, my mom asked me to return him back. I was really reluctant and cried for an entire week to get that dog back. Unfortunately, my mom did not allow me to get a pet at home. I made up my mind to keep myself away from pets. But when I saw Rawn, everybody saw a different version of me. I couldn’t just control myself playing with that cute little pup and there I realised that it is very difficult to keep yourself away from the charm of pets. It seems as if I have got a new friend on the sets with whom can I just play around everywhere.”