Sohum Shah speaks about his journey in Bollywood!


Actor Sohum Shah who is riding high on the success of TUMBBAD has spoken about his journey in Bollywood. Sohum talked about his journey as he revealed how he had to start from scratch and how determined Sohum was to make a name in Bollywood.

Sohum Shah shared recently, "I came from a place, where I had achieved immense success. So having to start again from scratch, was tough. But I was not someone who would live on the streets and survive on vada pav. Yes, Mumbai was a different landscape and initially, I did feel alienated but I was crazy about movies and determined to get a hang of it."

Sohum Shah has worked very hard for TUMBBAD, the actor had to maintain his physique throughout the multiple years he was shooting the film. Sohum also used to lift the traditional wooden weights to get his chiseled look and changed over 4 coaches to learn Marathi. Even his director hailed Sohum for his dedication towards the film.

Director Rahi Anil Barve shared, "Sohum believed in Tumbbad when nobody else did. It was my baby, but he nurtured it like his own"

Sohum Shah is a national award-winning filmmaker and actor. His body of work has received critical appreciation for films like TUMBBAD, SHIP OF THESEUS, TALVAR and SIMRAN.