Sohum Shah's dream comes true with SIMRAN

Sohum Shah's dream comes true with SIMRAN news
Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 08 Nov 2016 16:33:33.8430000 IST

SHIP OF THESEUS actor and National Award winner Sohum Shah is currently living his dream. Guess how?


The actor is shooting for SIMRAN with one of the best talents - Hansal Mehta as a director and Kangana Ranaut as a co-star.

The actor, however, is completely delighted to work under Hansal. Hansal Mehta is the one to be credited for the success of Rajkummar Rao (through SHAHID) and Sohum too is of the opinion that the director pushes his actors a lot and gets the best out of them, by helping them getting into the skin of their character.

Sohum’s spokesperson confirms, “After watching SHAHID, Sohum has become an ardent fan of Hansal sir's work. Hansal sir's school of film-making is very realistic, unique and different. Sohum loves how his work is full of simplicity and honesty. Getting to work with Hansal sir is indeed a learning process for Sohum.”

Well, Sohum’s wish of working with Hansal has been fulfilled thanks to SIMRAN, and looks like the actor’s dream is indeed coming true!