Sonal: DAMADAMM doesn't have any ridiculous jokes

Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 25 Oct 2011 14:52:24.8400000 IST

DAMADAMM is up for release this Diwali and the film's leading Sonal Sehgal is obviously looking forward to her second time pairing with Himesh Reshammiya (after RADIO). Claiming that the film is a light hearted affair with a quintessential Hrishikesh Mukherjee feel to it, Sonal says that there was a definite bonding and comfort level that she shared with her co-stars as well as the director that made DAMADAMM a fun outing, both on and off the sets.

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download SONAL SEHGAL wallpapers

"Such things really make a difference actually," smiles Sonal, "If you share a good comfort level with the people involved in the making of a film, it reflects on screen. Whether it was Himesh, Purbi (Joshi) or Swapna Waghmare, there was no place for ego or one up-manship. This is what allowed DAMADAMM to be a breezy affair. It was one big fun outing and there was no tension whatsoever."

DAMDAMM tells the story of a common man (Himesh) who has a nagging girlfriend (Purbi). However he starts seeing a different meaning of love when he comes across another sweet girl (Sonal). There is a twist in the tale though since Sonal isn't even aware about his growing affection for her.

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"And that's because she is so pure at heart," smiles Sonam, "She doesn't even know that he is hitting on her because she takes it all casually and as a good friend. She is quite open minded and has no hang ups in life whatsoever. You know the kind of fun flavour that you would see in the film, it would remind you of the likes of KHATTA MEETHA, BAATON BAATON MEIN, KHOOBSURAT etc., all of which were comedies but there was no silly act or slapstick there. In DAMADAMM too you would neither see any sequences that don't make sense whatsoever or any ridiculous jokes that only make you cringe in your seat."