Sonam Nair: I've no intention of becoming an actress

Sonam Nair (Pic. Courtesy: The Pioneer)

Director Sonam Nair has featured in movies like KAPOOR & SONS and her own film GIPPI. She says she loves performing, but doesn't want to become an actress.

"I wish people would cast me," Sonam told IANS with a laugh.

"But I have no intention of becoming an actress. I love performing. So even when I am directing, I perform each character and say the lines because if I have written the dialogues I know how it is meant to be said and I am very dramatic as a person."

"So I would love to act. But I have not done anything to become an actress. I am in the film industry. I have lots of friends who are directors. When I go to their set, they tell me 'Do this line'. They know that I would be very happy doing them," she added.

Currently, she is being lauded for her project "The Trip 2", which premiered earlier this month on all bindass platforms including YouTube.