Song Lyrics: NO FATHERS IN KASHMIR: 'Chol Homa Roshay' echoes pathos and melancholy!

Oscar nominated Ashwin Kumar’s NO FATHERS IN KASHMIR, which traces the story of two 16 year olds whose fathers have gone missing started off promotions with the official song,  ‘Chol Homa Roshay’. A classic Kashmiri folk song inspired, ‘Chol Homa Roshay’  by French composers, Loic Dury and Christopher ‘Disco’ Mink, lyrics (16th century mystic poetess, Habba Khatoon with added colocial lyrics by Mehjoor), is rendered by Ali Saifuddin. The video commences with three boys stealing a scooty from a men’s salon and running away. Zara Webb (Noor) and Shivam Raina (Majid) friendship and bonding and their intriguing search with Kulbhushan Kharabanda and Soni Razdan (enjoying a bonfire) is also shown. 

Chol Homa Roshay | Official Song | No Fathers in Kashmir| Oscar® Nominated, Ashvin Kumar

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