WHY CHEAT INDIA: Emraan Hashmi’s tips for a ‘Kamyaab’ future for students!

After the superb ‘Phir Mulaqat’, WHY CHEAT INDIA’s  latest song, ‘Kamyaab’, composed by AGNEE rock band and sung by Mohan Kannnan with apt lyrics by Juhi Saklani,  provides a peak into theme of the movie, which is based on the ills plaguing our education system where examinations are rigged and certificates and degrees forged . The visuals commence with students entering a college examination room, hands folded in prayer, writing their tests earnestly, looking into the merit list, mothers putting ‘tilak’ on forehead and making their child eat curd etc. for good luck. innovative methods of cheating too are shown. Emraan Hashmi is seen working hard to con the education system and buying success for his students!

Kaamyab song

Tu kitna kaamyab
Tu chadhta aastabh
Tu note gin janaab
Mera khoon tera khwab

Saale meri neendon ka
Saale meri neendon ka
Aab tu hi de hisaab

Tu kitna kaamyab
Tu chadhta aastabh
Hm Hmm

Raaton jaag ke mehnat ki
Jo hota hai woh hone do
Teri mummy pyar se kahti thi
Bitwa ko aur sone do

Tution car mein jaayega
AC ghar mein khayega
Munna tu bas baal bana
Yeh tujhse na ho payega

Tu aankhon ka chiraag
Tu hai daafi nawaab

Saale meri neendon ka
Aab tu hi de hisaab.