Soni Singh: I always want to be able to celebrate my birthday with my family


While others may choose to party hard on their birthdays, actor Soni Singh prefers to celebrate this day with her family. The actor, who turns a year older today. Even if I get married or wherever I am working, I always wish to celebrate my birthday with my family," she says.

The actor wants to gift herself the ability to always stay positive this birthday. "I am always positive towards life but there are times where because of some circumstances, I go out of track. So, I want to gift myself this thing that I will always stay positive and think positive. People are wishing me that hopefully, all my dreams come true soon, so even I wish the same thing for myself that all my dreams come true as soon as possible," she says.

While all her birthdays have been amazing, there are some which are her favourite. "This one year when I was out from the Bigg Boss house, I had kept a get-together. I had casually invited people without thinking and so many actually turned up. My house literally became like a club, it was so crowded that I myself did not have any place. It was like a grand birthday and the party actually became so happening. The second time was when I was going back home from the shoot and my friends made me sit in a car and told me that we would be going to a coffee shop but then we just kept on roaming and they never took me at the coffee shop. Later, I realised that they were just waiting for it to be 12 am. So as soon as I got out of the car I saw there was cake in the car's trunk. There were balloons, soft toys and many more things. I was so happy seeing all of that because it was so unexpected. These are the two birthdays which I would never ever forget in my life," she says.

For the actor, turning a year older is not something that she fears. "Age is just a number and that's true because I feel the more you age, the more childish you become. When a person is positive you always get to see the kid in him," she says.

She adds, "The age which I am now, I feel I have clarity about my thoughts. There is a level of beauty and maturity which comes in you with age."

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