Sonnalli Seygall: I believe that being sexiest is very overrated in our society as an issue

Sonnalli Seygall whose first film was PYAAR KA PUNCHNAMA 1 and again a sequel PYAAR KA PUNCHAMA 2, she will now be seen in HIGH JACK. The film also stars Sumeet Vyas and Mantra.

While Sonnalli, in the film is seen playing Dilshaad, an airline pilot in High Jack who is a feminist and doesn’t take humor in a good way yet makes her point and is funny in various ways.

In an exclusive conversation with Sonnalli spoke about what made her choose this role and how much does she relate to her role.

As the film has been in troubled waters and releasing a little late does it make you feel a little nervous? to which she said, “ I am super happy infact when the film was releasing 10 days prior I was happy because it was my birthday week and a year back and then the film was releasing, nevertheless I am glad the film is releasing this Friday and I am super elated.”

Talking about her role she avers, “HIGH JACK is a fun film and I simply loved the script I am playing a pilot, named Dilshaad, of the aircraft which gets hijacked. I am a feminist in the film despite being in this situation I will not tolerate remarks on women I play a person who is calm and composed even in the stressful situations, which I am in real life too. At the same time, Dilshaad’s character is a feminist and just hates sexiest comments which I personally do not relate to. I believe that being sexiest is very overrated in our society as an issue. There are things which both men and women are better at in various situations and it should not be generalized. I am calm and composed in real life so this is what I relate to mostly.”

HIGH JACK will hit the theaters tomorrow.

Sonnalli Seygall
Sonnalli Seygall